Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pregnancy Brain

We've all heard it... a woman gets pregnant and she loses her mind... along with many other things.

Yesterday, I drove myself to work, headed up the elevator, set my stuff on my desk and got to work... my usual routine.  I worked hard all day trying to finish up our budget (I'm a financial business analyst) and when the end of the day arrived, I was SO ready to head home.

Enter the problem.

I look at my desk, and my keys are not there!  What the heck happened to my keys?  I ask my coworkers and several came over to help me search my desk.  I looked in my cabinets, my drawers, under the desk, behind my computer, in the trash can... even in my Kleenex box!  I checked the bathroom, the receptionist desk, the kitchen, and the fridge... nothing.

Okay, definitely not in my office.  So I head down the elevator to the main lobby and asked the security guard if anyone turned in a set of keys... of course not!  Finally, I head out to my car to check there.  My car has a keypad on the door, so I unlocked the door and check in the car, around the car, under the seat, in the ignition... nothing!

Unfortunately, I had to call my husband and tell him that my keys were taken off my desk and I would need him to brink me my spare key so I could get home.  He was not too happy.  How does someone lose their keys at work?!  I tried to explain that I didn't lose my keys that someone must have taken them, but to no avail.  I headed home and sent a mass e-mail to the office with pleas for everyone to keep their eyes out for my keys.  Hopefully they'd turn up the next day.

Fast forward to this morning...

I get to work (with my spare key) and everyone is asking me if I've found my keys.  Of course I haven't!  Since the news of my pregnancy is still spreading around the office, only a few people knew about the pregnancy brain, but those few made sure to laugh at me for losing my keys and letting me know all pregnant women do it.  At this point, the whole office is looking for my keys.  Several times an hour, someone would stop by my desk and ask if I had checked ________.  Of course I had!  I was losing hope that they would ever turn up.

Around lunch time, I heard one of my coworkers heading to my desk and I turn around to see her purse in one hand and MY KEYS in her other hand!  She looks at me and asks me how the heck my keys ended up in her purse?! (almost with an accusatory tone, as if I had put them there).  Hello... that's what I'm wondering!

Well turns out, yesterday she stopped by my desk before she went to lunch because she had heard my pregnancy news and wanted to congratulate me.  She set her purse down on my desk as we talked, and when she went to leave, she grabbed her purse and the keys sitting next to it... mine... and headed to lunch. She didn't find them until she went searching in her purse today at lunch!

I immediately yelled "_____ stole my keys!"... lots of people had a good laugh and I sent out an e-mail to the office letting them know the were found.  I then texted a picture of my keys to my husband and explained the whole story to him.

I did not misplace my keys!  I was right all along... someone took them off my desk.

Moral of the story... just because a pregnant woman loses her keys does not mean she has pregnancy brain... at least not for that!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bump Date - 12 Weeks

How Far Along:
Twelve Weeks (January 24, 2013)

Besides a little nausea here and there (nothing a mint couldn’t fix), I didn’t get morning sickness.  The boobs have gotten much larger and sorer, although the tenderness is going away.  Exhaustion kicked my ass between weeks 8 and 10, and I rarely sleep through the night anymore without having a potty break.  But all in all, I consider myself very lucky.

Weight Gain:
8.5 pounds… not too happy about this, but a lot of this was over the holidays and it’s definitely slowed over the past few weeks.

Baby Facts:
Baby is developing reflexes!  Fingers are moving, mouth is making sucking motions, and toes are curling.  Baby is over 5 cm. long and about half an ounce.

Gender Predictions:
Justin still says boy.  I really don’t have a feeling either way… well I flip back and forth depending on the day.

Food Cravings:
Salty foods… crackers, pretzel M&Ms, fries… nothing really out of the ordinary.  Although, I am eating less sweets lately.

Food Aversions:
Basically anything Justin eats… lol.  I’m pretty picky, so no real new aversions compared to before I was pregnant.

Mommy is Feeling:
I feel great!  Definitely really starting to sink in (yes, I’m 12 weeks and it’s just now sinking in).  Crazy to think there are only 28 weeks left!

Daddy is Feeling:
He’s loving mommy’s mood swings… but he’s actually doing really well!  He’s been very helpful around the house and I definitely appreciate it.

Highlights this Week:
Last week, we went to the doctor’s and got to see baby on the ultrasound!  We weren’t supposed to have one, but the doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat with the Doppler, so ultrasound it was!

Excited For:
Still waiting to get to hear the baby’s heartbeat!  Just a few more weeks J

Finally switched out my wardrobe over to maternity clothes.  I’m actually really liking them… they are so comfy!  Plus a coworker mentioned that I was actually starting to show.  In an odd way, it made me happy because it means I don't just look fat and that baby is growing!

Just for some fun, here's an outtake from our little photo session this week... enjoy :)

P.S.  I'm going to try and do these Bump Dates every two weeks.  I would say every week, but getting pretty for a picture every week is just too much... lol.  We'll see what happens!

Memory Lane

It's time for Tuesday topics!  I haven't linked up in awhile (let's be honest, I haven't blogged in awhile... but it was hard to think of what to write about when I couldn't blog about some of the biggest news of my life)... but I'm going to try and get a little more consistent.

This week, our Tuesday Topic is six memories.  Here goes nothing...

1. The day I married my best friend.  It was an amazing day and there isn't anything I would change about it.  The whole day was focused on the two of us and I didn't have to worry about anything else.

2.  The day we found out we're expecting.  Its a moment that our entire life changed for the better.  Its the start of a journey into the unknown, but I'm looking forward to every minute of it.

3.  The day we started Girls Night In.  A friend of mine had a new year's resolution to spend more time with friends and started a monthly girls night in.  I've met some amazing girls through this get together and I look forward to this evening every month!

4.  The day I graduated with my Masters in Accountancy.  I spent a lot of time working towards this degree and it was amazing to finally have it!  Plus I met so many amazing people through my accounting program at my college.

5.  The day my parents brought home a new sibling.  Okay, to be fair, I might not remember this exactly and it may have happened more than once, but my siblings are some of my best friends and I love each and every one of them (including my two older siblings, even though I was the one brought home to them).

6.  The day I went swimming with dolphins.  I absolutely love animals and while on my honeymoon, my hubby and I had the chance to swim with dolphins.  It was absolutely amazing!  Its something we definitely want to do again in the future.

Runners-up:  The day I met my husband at work and our first date (which was four years ago tomorrow)... and lets be honest, I'm sure there are a ton more, but I actually had a harder time coming up with six than I thought I should!

Now it's your turn... head over to either Tiffany's or Lauren's blog, share your memories, and link-up!

The Austin Family Diary

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Day We Passed the Test

Monday, November 26, 2012

We had been trying for a couple months without much success.  The whole month, I wasn't really all that optimistic.  But as my period crept closer and closer, I started getting excited.  There weren't really any symptoms that were out of the ordinary, I just had this odd feeling.  The original plan was for me to wait until the day after my period was due {which was still three to four days away}, but that all changed...

I'm part of a group of women who are all trying to conceive their first child. {these ladies have been amazing}  It just happened that several of us women had cycles that seemed to sync up.  Well, one of the girls announced her positive pregnancy test that night.  And within a couple minutes, another girl announced her positive test!  I couldn't believe it... I looked at Justin and whined about how I wanted a positive test too.  So he told me to go ahead and take a test, even thought it was a little early.  Well, I had just went to the bathroom {I had been peeing all day long} so I held it as long as I could before I thought I was going to burst... about an hour... ha ha!  I ran upstairs to my bathroom to take the test.

I started with just one of those two line tests.  I took the test and set it down to start waiting... and a second line started to appear!  No way!  I wasn't sure I was actually seeing it or if it was a figment of my imagination, so I took the digital test as well.  After taking that, I sat at the bottom of the stairs with Justin and just waited.  Those three minutes seemed like the longest three minutes of my life!  Justin kept watch on the clock and when time was up, I ran back upstairs.

I picked up the test and my heart stopped... it was POSITIVE!  I couldn't believe it.  Absolute joy washed over me and I just couldn't believe it.  I thought I would cry when I finally saw a positive test, but all I could do was smile.

When we first started trying, I bought a present for Justin for when we got our positive test.  I had it wrapped in a shoe box in our closet {he had no idea it was there}.  It was a book entitled Dude, You're Gonna Be a DAD along with a onesie that said "I *heart* my daddy" across the front.  I opened the box, put the two tests inside, closed it back up, and headed down to give it to Justin.

I handed him the box and he opened it.  He immediately looked at the tests and pulled out the line test first.  He looked at it with a look of confusion and I told him to hurry up and look at the other test.  He pulled it out and tears welled up in his eyes.  He was so happy!  He hugged me so tightly and it was the best feeling in the world.  Then he said, "We're gonna be parents!"

The rest of the evening was a blur.  I was in complete shock and it just didn't seem real.  It was like I was living in some alternate universe that was absolutely amazing.  I was on cloud nine.

P.S.  I tested again on Friday, November 30, 2012 and it was still positive... woo hoo!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

We're Expecting!

Baby Atwell due August 8, 2013