Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And It's A...

Yes... this picture is probably going to embarrass our little guy one day...

It's official!  We're going to have a boy!  But let's rewind just a little bit... and go through the day...

Last Thursday seemed like it would never get there... and when I finally woke up Thursday morning, I never thought the appointment would get there.  Finally, two o'clock rolled around and I packed up my stuff and left work for home.  I got home and waited for Justin to get home and head to the appointment.  Traffic was bad, so he was running late and I was getting worried we'd be late.  Luckily, he picked me up and we got to the doctor's right at 3:00pm.

Shortly after getting there, the receptionist called me up to the desk.  Dr. Caren had been called out on an emergency and wouldn't be able to see me... but we could still get our ultrasound!  Thank goodness!  We waited a few more minutes and finally Miss Janet called us back!  I definitely had butterflies in my stomach.

We got back to the room and I hoped up on the table.  Janet squirted the jelly stuff on my belly... I was surprised it was so warm!  And we were off...

The first thing up on the screen was a tiny little hand... my heart melted immediately!  Janet then started checking for all the standard items... gender reveal would be last.  Stomach with fluid (means its working)... check!  Bladder also with fluid... check.  Kidneys, diaphragm .. check, check.  She then checked the heart... all four chambers are present and working and both outflows looked good.  The brain also looked good without any tumors or cysts.  She checked the baby's lips to make sure there was no cleft.  She also check the placenta (posterior) and the umbilical cord which both looked good.  She found both hands (fingers and thumbs present), arms, legs, and tiny little feet.  She measured the femur and the head and both are measuring right on track.

And then it was finally time to find out the gender!  Throughout the whole appointment, Justin and I kept referring to baby as "him"and "little guy".  Janet got the ultrasound all lined up and sure enough... he's a boy!  She told us it was a good thing that he's a boy or else he would be having an identity crisis since we kept referring to him as a boy.  Justin was so happy!  He immediately texted his friend to let him know.  I just sat back and smiled.  I think deep down, I had known the whole time it was a boy and it was amazing to finally know that that feeling was right.  Janet finished up taking a couple pictures for us to take home and that was it... ultrasound done... 20 more weeks until we see our little guy again.

During some of the more zoomed out pictures, you could see baby stretching his legs and pushing against the side of my uterus.  Justin kept asking if that was my uterus that the baby was pushing against... of course it is silly!  I had been telling him that I had felt baby for a little while now, but he wasn't sure I really did.  Now he knows I wasn't crazy.  It also definitely confirmed to me that we have quite a little mover and shaker on our hands.  I've definitely been feeling baby more and more and I love it.

After the ultrasound I went out and talked with Dr. Caren's nurse.  I rescheduled my appointment for this coming up Friday with one of the nurse practitioners (since Dr. Caren will be out of town this week) and Justin and I headed out.

After the appointment, we headed to Carter's so I could pick out baby boy's first outfit...

I absolutely love it and can't wait to put it on our little guy!

After shopping, we went to my parents' house to share the news.  Then, my sisters and I made lots of cake balls that were dyed blue for Justin and I to take to work the next day to reveal the gender to our coworkers... we ended up making about 150!  Craziness!

Overall, the gender reveal was so much fun between my family, coworkers, and friends and Justin and I are so excited to meet our sweet little baby boy!

P.S.  My doctor actually called me Saturday morning to tell me that she looked over all the ultrasound images and that baby boy looked healthy and based on what she saw, she was not worried about a thing!  Awesome doc to call on a weekend :)


Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary

Yea for little boys :) I always had a feeling we were having a boy too, mothers have that intuition right from the get go. Congrats!

Callie Nicole

Congratulations on your baby boy! How exciting! Boys are so much fun. :-)


Congrats!!! Baby boys are the sweetest! And I always make them tell me FIRST. I can't be waiting through the entire ultrasound! LOL.

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom


Congratulations!! And what a darling outfit. :)


Just found your cute blog through another one! Congratulations! Ahh so excited for you! He will steal your heart! I just had my first and seriously best thing ever! I'm biased but boys are so fun! Cute little outfit! Newest follower! xo

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren

yay for baby boy!! yay yay yay!!!

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