Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nine Photos of My Spouse and I {Tuesday Topics}

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It's time for another week of Tuesday Topics.  This week, I get to share nine pictures of me and my spouse/bestie... lucky for me, he is both!   1. This is from my first weekend visit to his place. Our first year and a half together, we lived about two hours away from each other, so these visits were always fun!

2.  Road trip to St. Louis for my brother's wedding.  Who doesn't love a fun roadtrip?  And we actually do pretty well in the car together.

3.  The night we got engaged!  This was right after he popped the question.

4.  A night at the St. Louis Cardinals' game.  I have tons of pictures of us at the baseball stadium... it is always a good time.

5.  Our wedding... this is one of my favorite pictures from that day.

6.  Our honeymoon... we got married on the beach in Florida and then spend the week going to different amusement parks and restaurants... here we were at Senor Frogs.

7.  Being goofy... this is one of my favorite pictures of my hubby... I think it really captures his personality.

8.  The picture from when we announced we were expecting :)

9.  This is a more recent picture from when we went to visit Grant's Farm in St. Louis... I probably have better ones from our recent vacation, but those aren't actually off the camera yet :)

So there you have it... nine pictures of me and my hubby over the last {little more than} four years... it's been fun going down memory lane.  Now it's your turn to go link-up with Tiffany and Lauren and share some pics of you and your spouse and/or bestie!



I was just about to say, you haven't uploaded all your SD pics, tsk tsk!


Love the goofy picture of your husband!


I almost said that you can't do a Tuesday Topics on a Monday, and then I realized it was Tuesday...

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren

I love these all, but I really love your wedding pic! Beautiful!!


Such cute pictures!!!

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