Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Topics - Musical Edition

Okay… I know I’ve been sucking at blogging about anything but Tuesday Topics… but at least I come back every week and write something. Hopefully soon, I’ll actually update on my life. I have plenty coming up to write about – my San Diego vacation (from two months ago), my trip to Ohio (from a month ago), baby updates, baby shower recap (last Saturday), nursery reveal (almost done), maternity photos (Sunday), crocheting update, and my birthday (Friday) to name just a few. I’ve just been super busy lately with baby prep classes, shopping for baby stuff, cleaning the house, work, visiting friends, doctor appointments, and just trying to get some sleep that blogging has definitely taken a back seat.

But for now, let’s get back to Tuesday Topics! This week was definitely a fun one… five songs that bring back memories. It did take me a little while to come up with my list, but I think it’s a pretty good one. So here we go…

Like a Prayer – by Madonna This song takes me straight back to high school. I went to a private, all-girl high school and I absolutely loved it. During our dances, we would all circle up and sing and dance to every song. It was so much fun. And of course, this was one of our favorites… imagine a group of teen girls singing this at the top of their lungs and falling to their knees when we got to the line “I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there”… we were weird but we sure did have fun.

I Was Here – by Beyonce I love this song… it’s one of my favorites to turn on and belt out when I’m in the shower. My cousin posted this video to Facebook some time ago and said it reminded her of our Aunt Patti, who had passed away from breast cancer. I had never heard it and went and listened. It’s a wonderful song and I love the message behind it. Now, when I hear the song, it reminds me of all the wonderful times I had with my Aunt Patti.

Paparazzi – by Lady Gaga This song reminds me of when my hubby and I were first dating. We took a road trip to St. Louis for my brother’s wedding (we weren’t living there at the time, in fact we lived in two different cities that were over two hours apart). On the drive up there, I was entertaining Justin with my amazing singing (ha!). This song happened to be very popular at the time so it came on several times and Justin always said I was serenading him. I still think of that trip whenever I hear this sound.

Miracle – by Shinedown When it was time to put our wedding video together, the photographer asked us to come up with some songs that we wanted on the video. This song was Justin’s pick. Although I wouldn’t have picked it myself, it meant so much to me that he took the time to pick out a song that we both would like and that he felt represented us. Now, whenever I hear it (which is mostly when I’m with him in his car since I don’t usually listen to Shinedown), I remember our wedding.

Anything Like Me – by Brad Paisley This is a new find. I was looking for good songs about little boys shortly after finding out I was going to be having a boy, and I stumbled across this song and fell in love! It’s such a good song and I definitely imagine Justin singing it to our little guy.

So there you have it… five songs that bring back memories. What are some of your favorite songs? Head on over to Lauren or Tiffany’s blog and link up!

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When you're watching bachelorette, you should blog then since I know I'm not paying attention :/

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren

Aww love these stories with each song! Awesome! Yeah I can't wait to hear all about your trips and such! Sounds like you have been busy!!

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