Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Do You Do Again?

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This week I get to tell you all about my job!  It definitely has its good moments and its bad moments, but it pays the bills, and that's what is most important.

1.  I am a financial analyst... yeah, most people aren't really sure what exactly that is.  I analyze the financials for the company I work for in order for management to be able to understand and make decisions based on that data.  It's kinda confusing, but it definitely had its fun moments.

2.  The company I work for is basically a glorified middle man.  We buy packaging from the manufacturer and then sell it to our customers.  There's obviously more to it than just that (we provide a service to make it easier for our customers to coordinate all their supplies), but yep... middle man.

3.  I'm a wiz at Excel... I spend a majority of my time in Excel and I've learned so many different ways to manipulate the data.  If I'm not sure how to do something, I use Google... I know that Excel can do anything I want it to do, I just have to find the right way.

4.  I work on the tenth floor of my office building... the penthouse.  It would be better if I didn't work in a cube and actually had a great view.  The elevator ride sucks because I have to stop on basically every floor. The plus side is that we have an amazing view of downtown St. Louis with the Arch and all from our kitchen.

5.  The entire office loves to eat... food is our passion!  We use food to celebrate anything and everything.  For example, tomorrow is "cake day"... we have it once a month to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.  We also have "grazing day" where everyone brings in snacks and eats all day long.  The newest addition, my department has bagel Friday because the pregnant lady (aka. me) decided bagels sounded good and the other people have joined in.

6.  To follow up the food... my job is very sedentary... the combo of the two are bad for my waist.  Recently, my work started a walking club that walks during lunch.  I've joined a few times, but with the heat coming recently and the pregnancy, it just isn't happening much.  They're also doing a weight loss challenge, but for some reason, no one wanted me on their team... lol!

7.  I'm so ready for maternity leave!  Only a couple more months... and when I get back, my work recently created a breastfeeding room!  It has some comfy couches, cabinets, and a separate fridge to store milk in... plus its a locked, private room.  I'm glad that they finally realized that they might need one of these rooms since there are several women who are pregnant right now.

What do you do for a living?  Head on over to Tiffany's or Lauren's blog, link up, and share!


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I wish my co-workers were more about the food! That sounds awesome, but I do know I would have problem with restraint...

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