Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Night at the Ballpark

So as part of my bucket list, I decided that I was going to plan actual date nights for Justin and I each month.  This past Saturday was our first official date night, "A Night at the Ballpark." {yes, I gave all the dates I planned a goofy name, it makes it more fun} I put together all our stuff for our date night (tickets, menus, etc.) in an envelope and gave it to my hubby.

Our evening started at a local brewery turned restaurant, Trailhead Brewing Co.  It's a cute little restaurant nestled in the historic part of downtown St. Charles.

The view outside the restaurant
Justin loves to try new beers, so a brewery was the perfect location!  The brewery crafts five different beers regularly and then also has a seasonal option.  The hubs opted for the beer sampler, of course.

And I chose a delicious bottle of beer...

Root beer that is!

The root beer is brewed in house as well.  I did try one of Justin's beers and it was okay. {I don't drink beer; I think it's gross, so "okay" is a high rating for me} He absolutely loved them all.  We also ordered dinner.  I got a burger on a pretzel bun... it was SO good!  The hubs got a sausage platter.  I, of course, took several bites off of his meal as well.  The sausage was cooked perfectly and was so flavorful!  Being the bad blogger that I am, I didn't get any pictures of our food.

After dinner, the hubby and I headed out to catch a baseball game. {obviously, hence the title of the date} But this wasn't your typical MLB game.  No... instead we headed to see the River City Rascals, who are part of the Frontier League.

I would put this on a similar level as minor league baseball.  It's a much more family friendly place and much more budget conscious than heading to see a MLB game.  The game started a little late, {because the umps weren't there on time} but once it started we had a lot of fun!

We did end up ending the evening a little earlier than planned.  The weather just wasn't in our favor. {it's been in the 100s all month and it definitely was taking a toll on us}

Besides... we were exhausted from the long day we had before the date night... but that's another story!


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