Monday, July 16, 2012

Girls Night In - July 2012

Friday night was my monthly Girls Night In...

my friend, Julie, made a new year's resolution at the beginning of 2011
to plan a monthly girls night with her friends.  She sent out an e-mail to her
close friends, and the Girls Night In (GNI) started.  We've been doing monthly
girls nights almost every month for the past year and a half}

This was our first GNI for the past couple months.  Out of our small group of friends, three of them were pregnant and due between May and June.  So last month was cancelled due to our new mothers.  Friday was so exciting because we actually had every single person that was part of our girls night in attendance {plus two new little babies}!

This month, Julie was our lucky hostess.  She was house sitting for her parents, so we all invaded and had a BBQ.  We each brought an appetizer, side, or dessert to share.  After I arrived, I threw my food on the store to get cooking and chatted with Julie until the rest of the girls arrived.

After the girls arrived, we all sat down and had dinner.  There wasn't anything too special about the evening... we spent the time just sitting around and catching up.  There was a lot of talk about babies, boobs, bottles, etc. with the new mommies around.  We talked about kids and they all agreed I'm going to be next... I just laugh.  I guess we'll see eventually.  I definitely have the mommy vibe, but I'm just not quite ready yet.  Here's me with my two new little buddies...

Baby Katie and "Aunt" Ellen

Baby Cooper and "Aunt" Ellen
Both of these babies were so adorable and I enjoyed spending time with them. {and their mommies and other "aunties"}

The next Girls Night In should be a ton of fun... there's already been a discussion of a trampoline competition, as one of our girls recently got a new trampoline for her two-year-old.  I can't wait!


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