Monday, July 9, 2012

Spoiler Alert... The Bachelorette

Who doesn't love some good crap reality TV?!  It's time for The Bachelorette!

I've been following along all season and I'm really torn about the remaining three guys.  They all seem very genuine and like they would be a good match for Emily.

Hopefully this night will help clears things up... now we're off to Curacao!

{Geography Lesson:
Curacao is located off the coast of Venezuela, just southeast of Aruba}

First up... Sean!  She seems so happy to see him.  They are absolutely adorable together.  The two are going to take a helicopter tour of the island.  And of course... there is cheesy music and lovey, dovey, mushy comments throughout the entire trip to their "own" private island... (sorry Emily and Sean... you can't keep the island).  Once there, Emily questions how Sean has treated previous girlfriends.  He digs himself out of the hole, and Sean lines up to say the big "L" word... never mind... lets just stick with "crazy about you."  I'm sure he'll get there... for now, let's go snorkeling!  The evening starts with a romantic dinner on the beach where Sean reads a letter he wrote to Ricki to let her know that he will love her like his own.  It is so sweet and you can tell it really touched Emily.  And to wrap up the evening... Sean finally pops the "L" word and the two head off to the fantasy suite and the typical hot tub.  Wait... twist of events... Emily sends Sean home at the end of the evening in order to set a good example to her daughter.  What a wonderful mom!

Time for the second date... Jef!  He is such a fun loving guy and he seems so goofy.  He starts off by telling us he isn't sure it will work out... guess we'll find out more on the date.  Emily and Jef are going to spend the day out on the water in a beautiful boat followed by some rock jumping.  As the sun sets, Jef explains that he wants to spend every minute with Emily and that their life is just starting.  Guess he's decided that it might work out, but first he has some questions for Emily.  He's nervous because he's fallen for a girl without meeting a person who is so important in her life (Ricki).  Emily says she can picture Jef there with her and Ricki but wouldn't she say that to all the guys... I mean who would say "I don't imagine you in my life" when you're on a reality TV show.  The two discuss who it hasn't worked in the past and both agree that they are perfect for each other.  At the end of the evening, Jef turns down the fantasy suite in such a gentlemanly fashion, but the two still agree to hang out for a few more hours.

I guess the last date is... Arie!  The two are heading out on the water to enjoy the day.  It appears as if their connection is very physical.  The date starts off with swimming with dolphins. {So much fun!  If you ever get the chance... do it!} The two spend a little time reminiscing about their relationship so far, and Emily realizes that all they high points revolve around kissing... lots of kissing.  GAG!  Of course, the day is followed by a romantic dinner.  Emily starts delving into more details about Arie's life.  What does he do on a regular basis?  He explains and then tells us how he is really looking forward to being a dad.  Emily starts to prep herself to decline the fantasy suite and decides it is just best to not even give Aria the card because she doesn't think she could say no.

**Okay... time for my predictions before I get to the Rose Ceremony.  I think that she is going to send Arie home... yes, they're really physical, but it seems like she has a much deeper relationship with the other two.**

Now back to the show... It's time for Emily to meet up with Chris Harrison to discuss her past few dates.  Emily is very torn.  She doesn't have any more clarity about her decision that she needs to make tonight, but she's going to follow her heart.  To help with her final decision for the evening, the men each made a video message for Emily.  She seemed to get emotional with Jef's video... I wonder if that's a sign that Jef is out?  But she has a similar reaction to Arie... so who knows.  The men all show up and its just about time for the ceremony...

The first rose goes to... Jef.

The second rose goes to... Arie.

Tonight, we are saying goodbye to... Sean.

This actually completely surprised me!  I was all for Sean.  They seemed like such a great couple.  I totally didn't expect this at all, and neither did Sean.  Throughout the whole closing scene, I was really hoping that Emily would realize she made a mistake and call Sean back, but she doesn't.

{Sidenote... I think we have a new bachelor for next season}

Next week, on The Bachelorette... it's the "Men Tell All" episode.  I can't wait to see all the drama that the men are going to drag up.

Sunday, July 22, 2012 will be the finale... and its starting to look like she might not pick any guy.  Guess we'll have to wait and see!


Mrs. Monologues

I was so sad that Sean went home. I hope Jef wins though. Not a fan of Arie.

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