Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Mom... I had so much fun seeing Aladdin at the Muny with you.  Thanks for always finding time for me.  It means the world to me.  I don't know what I would do without you.

Dear hubby... you are amazing.  You may not be the best at everything {think laundry, putting the seat down, and ballet}, but you are the best at making me smile, and for that, I am forever grateful.  I am one lucky girl.  Oh, and thanks for letting me sleep in the car tomorrow while you make the three hour drive.

Dear Eldon family and friends... I hope you're ready for us, because we'll be there tomorrow!  I'm really excited to see all of you.  We're bringing wedding pictures and videos {I'll be blogging about the wedding eventually}, so be excited!  I hope we have enough time to visit everyone we want to see, but if we don't get to you in our short visit, just know we miss you like crazy!

Dear fan... you and I have a real love - hate relationship.  I love that you keep us cool at night in our second story bedroom... I just wish you could do it a little more quietly!  If you don't stop squeaking every few minutes, I'm putting you back in your box and replacing you.  You've been warned.

Dear Maggie... you know you're a little devil cat, but you really embrace it.  Thanks for always attacking your daddy instead of me.  Mommy appreciates not looking like a cutter.

Dear Girls Night In (GNI)... I am so, so, so excited for tonight!  A backyard barbeque sounds perfect this time of year.  Who would have thought that when we started this thing, we'd still be going strong a year and a half later?

Dear new apartment... you are awesome!  Justin and I absolutely love you. {I need to post a blog about our new place once we get all settled in} Please don't let any crazy people move into the empty apartments near us.

Dear extra weight... I don't know who invited you to this party, but you aren't welcome!  Please take this as your notice of eviction.

Dear gym... I know I haven't seen you much lately, but that's going to change.  See above.



Your husband seems completely awesome!! That picture of y'all is cracking me up. And, seriously, poor Maggie. I'm sure she's misunderstood. Ha ha, I have a devil cat as well so I can completely relate.

Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello!!!! I really do appreciate it.


LOL @ the letter to your hubby. Very cute. I hope he lets you nap in the car tomorrow! :)


Found you through the Friday's Letters link up. I love how the first thing you write about is seeing Aladdin at the Muny. My hubby is supposed to be taking me there tomorrow night! I have never been to the Muny but it is on my list of things to do in St. Louis. Can't wait!


Scratch that...I guess tonight was the last night of Aladdin. Oops. No wonder hubby is not able to get tickets- I thought it was just his excuse not to take me lol.

Nicholl Vincent

what a sweet mom!

Come to and say hello!


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